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, boston, loss of advantage might losing five of sixix to end the season the indianse won the fin three games to quench home-field, and that's good new for the tribe because they are 52-28 on this field with the ru differential of plusey- 105, jason kipnis asked sunday with a mindset was going back to the playoffsfs. wild-card game, the first time in the playoffs at home, i think i'm so happy to be there anda t why my biggest regrets in my career was that , i love it, i think were lucky to go out to make our name for ourselves postseason baseball always come down to the kitchen, trevor bauer beginnings of the indians,
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against david price, will then we'll have to carry this team this year, the starting pitchin will be the key in the series, trevor bauer can set the stage for the rest of the series with a great game starting thursday, the second game with corey kluber, have we given him enoug time, tomeme vendor that injury square into everybody seems that he will be ready to pitch game number two and that is indication we get from the indians is scheduled t throw down a bullpen session sunday in kansas city so it appears that he is healthy and we need him becauseun they get to a great start with trevor bauer and corey kluber in game two, it will beo all signs pointed to the indians to win
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here's the complete schedule for the alds, game ones , is thursday, at 8:08 p.m. at progressive than friday afternoon at 4:38 p.m.,. then the series moves to boston for game three at fenway park,o at 4:08 p.m., if necessa game form of the also4 in boston, monday, then a deciding game fiveve would be back in cleveland if necessary o october 12. taking the stand in parma a large group of minority student planned a peaceful protest over that reproducingt of the schoo. >> the proposal comes afterof announcing that they would make $7 billion in cuts suzanne stratford is in parma with the latest.n there is a huge crowd on the
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upsetde by a budget proposal, i is proposed that three high schools, normally, valley in parma senior high would berm merged into one high schools ar facing a $50 million deficitd o of many proposals made by the school board the education board people are upset that they were blindsided, students whileey their voices heard, this is parma senior hig gather together we can show you video post on there were hundreds from valley forge high school and normandy high school also marchingng students from all three districts will meet .ogether and then go over to the auditorium at parma senior high school they hope to send a clea messagege to the school board a superintendent,ho that they are not happy with the current
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they're not just upset with a margin of the three high schools,s,it which vomiting val forge would be turned into junior high, but upset at the number of programs cut and staffing lost , the couple had say about this earlier. nobody saw it coming heard about this last wednesday , it is frustrating. they deserve to have the chance to go to the school that they want to. they have not forgiven us a way to voice our opinions so we protest, the only way that we could do that . the question we hear is that people are upset it is a $15 million deficit last year the board admitted that they thought they had a surplus of of several million dollars so the wandering what happened andnd w the students had to pay the
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you can see the police ce lights up the street, in advanc of the valley forge students should be arriving at any moment. there is a lotga happening it is expected to be a very emotional night as people voicece i their opinions before the board of education in parma and we will bring it to youd. clean the place investigating the circumstances of suicide inside of a burger king this morning as jack shea joins usus. they say that the victim, a mother of three, was killed by her abusive ex-boyfriend. police and paramedics were called to the burger king at lest 110 in lorainb just before 8:00 a.m. tuesday after a repor of a coworker who was shot by yourft ex-boyfriend, 38-year-old , the, mother of three had been
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45-year-old jorge aviles barricaded himself in a restroo then took his own life. is devastating to let kids coming to your left kits it is just horrible.o o >> vixie brother, boxing champion antonio e avis works at a bank acrossav the street from burger king and stopped to lear that his sister have been kille and thated the shooter had committed suicide. >> is a coward, you're going to leave your kids in the world to fend for themselves without a momomur he is a coward, a man not do that. they say that she was relieved that relationship was over and cannot begin a new phase of her life because you have been so those who grieve the loss, believe that he had been jealou that she was moving on with her if you want to kill yourself, justrs kill yourself don't take somebody else with you.
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does it have to get to this point.. the children of the victim left behind range in age from 14 14-4-20, were told that the fam will work together to take care of the younger 19 following the developments in thee push to do something about delays when you call 911 in cleveland. >> i probably exposed repeatedl as ed gallek has the latest >> a big meeting today, the cit met with firefighters, to get them to handle more 911 calls and hoping that will free up ms dispatchers . >> the idea ensured records of delay this weekend to get through to clear the pms after hito for a view turned deadly, troopers were transferred to em after five minutes,s, the lates delay getting through to ems,
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discussed to have firefighters handlee fire 911 calls, they say that those calls now first go through ems, the city says it needs to hire more amulets dispatchers, currently six openingsul is a big staffing ga based out ofig head of the firefighters union says the pla to have firefighters take over the 911 call should be a good thing to help the overall process, 91ho how much of a difference will that makeh aftermarket look at that coming up at 5:00 p.m.. of a visit from a former new
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an abortion forel president, ru giuliani, one of donald trump's supportersu stopped at union hall. >> eke out joins us with what happened. the former new york mayor met with union leaders and thank them for their endorsement, ru giuliani took time for the pres conference to praise the work of cleveland police officers durin the july republican national convention said he felt that theywe job also thatn donald trump appreciated the risk that they take every day.. the police union endorsing him saturday and the fraternal order of police in washingtonna september 16, but not all officers agree with the endorsement.e >> at this particular time, it is a bad thing i think for us i could be a slap in the face for us as a community to endorse anyone at this time.
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the men and women in uniform because he knows,, like all goo americans, that you are special and you are special because, every day inin life that you pu on your uniform, that uniform i there to protect us. several juicy leaders and organizations including black lives matter of cleveland disagree with the endorsement,t cleveland police patrolmen's association president steve loomis said the uniond out to hillary clinton campaign but dug in response he said the union would welcome her if she wanted to stop at the union hall.d he gave glowing reviews of the cleveland police department and our efforts during the rnc. he cannot say enough good things, in fact, he said that this would get him into trouble but he believes that cleveland did better job than they did in new york in 2,004. residents on edge and north
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going door-to-door claim to be power company worker . >> here's lou maglio with what' justin >> we have seen this many times before now we have to see it al over again, north royalton plac without a facebook page morning after reports from some worried residents a man approached a home on akin road betting on the front door and entered through an open garage impounding onbe a breeze door he told the resident who was fromy company and would be working in the areai and that they would losew power possibly, in a similar report a man claiming t be a utility worker injured at home on entered serota, reveale woman in her beds and put her into a wheelchair, claiming he had to show her where the work would be done outside important to note here that the illuminating company says they do not make notifications door-to-door,, anyone with information is asked to call th
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we have seen this over and over again the utility company says they d not operate that way. the one and only debate of the vice presidential nominees. tim kaine and mike pence take a stationary to defendce their
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a beautiful look from 1:30 p.m. in the time lapse. you can think of these last few weeks of the season, tomorrow, go for it hopkins 76, a pretty strong wind from the east and southeast between five mph. antonio dfs next round of rain, is backtracking to the northwest. it will take some time for this rain to get here this chance of rain will be saturday committal watches in the midsection in montana winter storm warnings
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sky montana they woke up with some snow just when you think that is going to be the next these, in montana they already have some white stuff stuff haiti got hit by hurricane matthew heading towards cu someub areas could get 20 inche rainfall by saturday and sunday couple models having it headingi north carolina coast just inlan in most tuesday that offshore despite, i moved away from delmarva and new york city it would still be affecting them
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plenty of time to fine-tune the exact tracking. high pressure staves off the showers have to watch the potential this effectiveness saturday but that's about it till thenowe be nice and quiet will be clear an cool tonight tomorrow upper 70s. saturday chance of a shower and then we had to just fall back
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and tony evans hurricane matthew is now blamed
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hurricane matthew slamming he'd stay with heavy rain and powerful winds are still recovering from the 2010 earthquake,wi they remain vulnerable to the storm, they tried to persuade shantytown residents to move into shelters instead of,f, florida is watchi the storm as the repair for massive destruction. we still have about a day and half beforee we see the impact
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to mean the difference between life and death the projected path is a little of the coast a good change on a moments notice, whe that happens when are going to have a lot of time to get ready so keep informed, and be prepared ahead of time.imd >> hurricane matthew has claime for lives. details about the armed robbery of kim kardashian in paris said that she was badly shaken but unharmed back to new york city apartment hours after the robbed at gunpoint on monday, the robbery took place inside a french residence whereer she was stayi for paris fashion week. five masked man wearing loose uniforms were able to enter the residence and still about $10 million worth of jewelry after threatening the security guard with a gun, two of them made inside her room and held a gun to her head. >> she was stormed by these robbers and actually they
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gagging her with tape and they tied her hands and feet that are in the bathtub and lock the door.h >> she has two young children with husband kanye west, but at the time of the robbery she was reportedly alone, as her bodyguard was attending a party with her sisters elsewhere in paris of these say that kardashians use of social media may have made her vulnerable to a star maria sharapova will be backto on the court earlier tha expected today she won hert appeal, reducing her band from the international tennis federation frontiers down to 15 monthst, she tested positive fo a banned substance she said tha she had been taken the drug sinceaub 2,006 for heart issues that failed to notice it was added to the list ofha banned substances. >> debate round to. this time a look at the vice
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can expect in a report coming u
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summer is hanging on, at least this week. and i want to get the guard were concerned because change i coming, here is melissa myersrs. it will be beautiful for picking apples and getting thos pumpkins, if you stillt want th summer, we have, in my opinion, a fantastic summer. this is the kind of weak to enjoy those last days that feel like summer, it will be above normal in the upper 70s. even near 80 at times with low humidity. at some has to get
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boaters on the lake they wait all year for this, they can extend that season they are grateful, 71 degrees t esterville and wooster 75 andd southeast went between five and 15 mph. all is quiet on satellite in conjunction with radar. the next 24 hours it would be pretty mostly sunny tomorrow, about 10 degrees above normal with upper 70s. vice presidential nominees tim kaine in my pants are set to hi the debate stage tonight >> 490 minutes, watching as the duke it out and defend their
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as karin caifa joins us with more from longwoo , talk about the goals of the vp presidential candidates tonight? >> one of their goals will be named recordation, these are no the big rock stars at the top o the ticket as lat the top of the ticket as l , they spent a lot of time in public service but do not have the sam name recognition outside of their own states. >> , tim kaine and, the objective is to introduce themselves to peoplele and ensu the voters that they could serve as president if necessary. >> they need to articulate the party vision and what they woul brain if elected, that would be an important thing because there is some clutter on the stage last weekso as to big personalities with hillary clinton and donald trump so the would have to cut through that
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and also, play a bit of defense, mike pence expected to be asked about donald trump's reluctance to release tax returns after the new york time reported this weekend and tim kaine may be asked about the hillary clinton's e-mails. talk about the sharp contrast in debate preparations for hillary clinton and donald trum trump, what about these twora preparations? we know that the preparation was very traditional. they spent a long time in public service,h they have done this before on the debate stage but not in this way to speak not fo just themselves but also on behalf of the ticketeat at the end of last week, these two candidates who have been workhorses on the campaign
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time in raleigh, richmond for hisisr debate prep and mike pence went to wisconsin, where he did some mock debates with governor scott walker who played the par of tim kaine. the mock debates and the heavy preparation, lots of study time and time off of the campaign trail, perhaps more traditional preparations than donald trump' and perhaps not asas hillary clinton, she started about six weeks in advance but a good dea of preparation for two guys who have done this before.or can you give us the 411 on tonight's moderator? the moderator tonight, from cbs news, is a bit younger than some of the previous moderators, and it is hoped that she will offer a different perspective for younger voters and minority
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the stage to moderate tonight. thanks for joining us from longwood university, karin caifa. >> the debate starts at 9:00 p.m. in scheduled to last about 90 minutes you can see it right here on fox 8..p. the it learning that isaiah crowell di donate his first game check to dallas fallen officers fund, it comes after a pitcher that he posed in social media of he did issue a public apology i the jamaicani the donation perk up the foundation told him that they do not wantu the money, instead they say he did something that was more valuable, tenant adele's office funeral and spending time with the police. we learned today that thehe browns still made the donation last week, also said he plans to donate more of his time going forward. >> the fbi asking for help to a
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lorrie taylor says they're tryingys to do identify woman using technology and the public health as lorrie taylor joins u with details. j we have a composite photo of the wall and created oldav crime scene pictures and want to show you a piece of jewelry she was wearing at the timeyo her death with the hope is that someone would recognize either one and help to solve the case. this is what she may have looke like prior to her death in october 1975, tributary of ottawa county mud creek by two hunters leaves tha she had been 20 or 30 years old bad teeth, about 5 feet for about 140-et150 pounds, take a look at that rain, that is a wire love not. she also had reddish brown hair, brown, perhaps hazel eyes and
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rate that she was wearing at th time of her death on hero right hand, it appears to be a wire love not, they believe that she was a smoker who had given birt than a year of her death, that major baby would be aboutof 41 years old today is still alive, if you have seen or heard anything, sounds familiar, you're asked to contact the ottawa county sheriff's office or the toledo off dave nethers got a close-up look at a problem that could
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accident. >> you will see whenby we ge done. g >> the problem underneath the lake rockwell bridge under ralp ortiz may have not dela been noticed if not for contractors doing work nearby.bc >> we have construction project year lake ute 14 rockwell through a retaining wall and the contractor noticed there was a bit of a psych to the bridge . >> the water level is relativel low and when the water level went down, the bridge pylons r were exposed and they could see the corrosion on the bridge pilings.t >> pillar supporting the bridge buckled and twisted something that was missed when the 31-year-old bridge was expected in aprilil. >> it was inspected in april it had a journal commission of seven which is in fairly good shape.. h the branch of route 14 is one used by thousands4 , a major thoroughfare between ravenna an streetsboro,
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, rrying heavy trucks inspectors and engineers on tuesday concluded that there was no way to make repairs, it woul have to be completely replacedt the damage could have been missed in april is not clear.e >> additionally, for understanding the water is very high in april and as you will see when you look at this corrosionve it is subsurface be the level of the water where i normally is and i don't know they actually put a person and the water to actually look at the bridge pilings at that time. time.they say efforts to underway to have lived declared a class a emergency to fast-track the replaced, damage discovered so close to a federa inspection these questions abou whether the may be on those wit other bridges in the stateaec . >> and very competent and odot they have always been on the spote and have done in my opini the right thing and i'm confident that they will take care of the situation as
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and streetsboro, dave nethers fox 8 news. use it and i am the sky to save lives. >> first responders or learn ho to use drones on duty tt comba crime and fight fires as trent lott is here with a look at how the technology is being put to more local police and fire departments are using drones to get air view of hard-to-reach places, creating demand for a cuyahoga community college. the newest crime-fighting tool could succumb to you. >> police department seven looking to usece these tools to help improve their jobs to make them easier. more police and fire departments are turning toto drones, the camera, send the video that can be monitored at safe distance away from the scene. >> is a tool company is an
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they can actually save lives andve prevent injury, getting t places police sometimes cannot an active shooter or hostage situation.t capabilities are endless, from lost children in the words to elderly people walking away, crashes we can take overhead pictures, barricaded situationsa >> orange village has purchased three dronesrc with grant money. were not taken out daily, >> that mean that big brother watches when least expected? >> does not change because you fly a jump in the air house is still intact, and that is why i is important for law enforcemen firefighters to understand why we do this class. just one of the topics covered in a weeklong course offered byf tri-c on drones safety and use, dozen officers from departments taking part in the first course on monday the
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for the departments the technology to good use.t >> on to make sure that we do the right thing with these and do that in a way that is protecting people. the $500 course is only open to police and fire personnel, c but they say it will be expande and open to the public in the coming months.ute police to have helicopters they can use with these can be deployed sometimes faster and usepoelo differently, they don't want to replace police helicopters but these can be used in situations and access in all sorts of weather that a helicopter may not. >> in a not be wearing a cape
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in a badgege, they say that he
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it is a beautiful day with crystal blue skies the time i've shot from burke lakefront. a good day to do some flying anu across the street from the marina you can tell that they know that because there are man on the lake. next rainfall chances, will be down and also thex weekend temperature drop that will be running to almost 80 degrees, about ten above normal next several days. this office went between five
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effect in chicago, detroit, minneapoliss with cooler air in omaha behind the front it is mi ' right now the orientation of rainfall is due north, and the showers will be holding off, will be rain free till saturday. looking at hurricane matthew, very strong category four hurricane, clipping extreme western haiti heading towards extreme eastern cuba as a strong hurricane. it will begin to weaken, according toto computer models, got to watch as it approachesco eastern seaboard potentially making landfall, not other question but most keep it hugging the coastline near nort carolina but it would still be hurricane before moving away, even if not making landfall it will still have extreme impact upon the large cities through
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rainfall amounts like the dominican republic, in cuba can be more than 20 inchesa. most of that is just off shore ofst florida, at the watching forecastd friday and beginning next week watching the storm path have a few high clouds wednesday and thursday as the rain shows dissipate getting closer to northeast ohio beca of the very stable and him and the level that. tonight it wil be clear cool and mostly sunny sky tomorrow upper 70s. the warmth continues through friday.e good news for friday night football games, then on saturda the chance of a few showers the fall down into the 60s and then 50s0s, so starting next week will be more like fall-like
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is not wearing a superman cape but aa city in idaho honors this dogah as a hometown hero, is wearing a badge,as you will given the cities hometown hero award today, they say an electrical fire could have burned down his family home, bu his owner says the 11-year-old dog noticed sparks from outlet just in time. i listened and i noticed sparks coming from the outlet and he was literally barking added to notify something was wrong. >> they used a fire extinguisher extinguisher, they say that the dog save the house and family.
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typically excited to go to the penalty box, what's to detroit red wings players did during th timeout made a girls day, in this photo, steve ott in dylan larkin were out for tim ice cream sundaes preseason game versus chicago, that's whenen lylah almas purge took a pictur of her next to the penalty box was started as a sweet picture it as a photo bomb, as they cheesed a the red wings to share the phot on social media accounts it has nowow gained tens of thousands mike's. browns are still looking for their first victory with the pinterest coming. >> that means a future hall of
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on the browns is john telich rewards. >> that is tom brady, the lead in the quarterback returning from a four-game suspension, th discipline was well documented for the deflate gate situation, the county town with a three-on record with backups played well in place out tom brady, the browns has sincepl, said some h gone south, cannot reverse the bad fortunes. one guy who coul figure into a football renaissance in town is w prior he is getting ready for a interesting sunday on the lakefront. be a circus media, he has earned that, he is great. one of the greatest to play the game.. got to be on our a-game, and we know that as a team we got to come together and we had a grea practice week. and, we need to be ready to
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connor to the roster they moved john greco to center and daily back to guard , getting back to the picture of the girlrl with red wings one of the best photo i have ever seen. iming blue jackets guy , and they destroy us all the time, it's nice they did this nice gesture, i like them don't think they would do that during the stanley cup finalslson. >> no >> sleepwear the hits are made. attn: beatles fans, and opportunity you do not want to
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so that every beatles fan has thought about, the trip to abbe road studiosos. >> for diehard fans, they won't just visit , they will get to stay for the night, october 15, will have a dead install for th first time since yoko ono john lennon slapped there in 1969, even house rul inspired, can be as loud as you want it is a musicic studio, an if anyone, your font you can go with adele's famous lyrics, hello it's me. the competition was cut down by airbnb in music producer mark ronsonce. have into there for quite a bed and most of my life has bee spentntto in forums like this s
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>> places that you would not normally be able to stayc in th uk, such as ten downing street and buckingham palace and abbey road studios. >> you write to airbnb to tell them about your favorite abbe road music the contest closes october 6. check in with lou maglio entry so cool to see what's coming up at 5:00 is not afraid of confrontation, at 5:00 o'clock, details of a a strained scam affecting certain people one northeast ohio communityty >> up next, get your hands on the famouse back to the future
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parma, protesters and a very heated meeting.
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with the live report coming up, the meantime, tell you what's going on in clevelan where the police investigating the circumstances surrounding a murder suicide at a burger king restaurant in cleveland this morning.atur >> jack shea joins us with the latest. that the mother three was killed by her abusive ex-boyfriend. police and paramedics were called to the burger king before 8:00 a.m. tuesday morning. t after report that one of the coworkers had been shot by her ex-boyfriend, please discovered that 38-year-oldter erlyn michelle rivera, the mother of three, ha been shot to death.. her ex-boyfriend, 45-year-old jorge aviles, barricaded himsel inim a restaurant then took his
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that her relationship with him was over because he had been abusive, the victims brotherer , who works at a bank across the street from the burger king, wa stunned to learn that his siste had been killed by jorge aviles. it is devastated, he let kids, it is horrible.t is a coward, he did not leave yourt own kids like this in the world to fend for themselves, a cowardlv, a man does not do i, the victim leaves behind three children ranging in age from 14 to 20, the family membersfr wil be taking care of them and that is the best outcome that could


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